Monday, May 28, 2012

The view at 6 am laying in bed, Cape Keraudren

We have found lately that we have gone to bed earlier than we would normally
- we have been reliant on the solar panel for our power for the last eight
days so we try to keep our power usage to a minimum. Going to bed early
(even if that means sitting up in bed reading with the I-pads with minimal
lighting on) means that we are awake earlier in the mornings. The side of
the caravan is towards the sea and we have a great few of the water from
sitting up in bed and can hear the waves crashing.

To think that one day in the last week I was awake before the sun actually
rose - not a normal daily event for me these days. We took these couple of
photos from sitting up in bed. Can't say I got up then, just waited for
Peter to get me coffee, and then an hour later for him to deliver the
breakfast, and perhaps an hour after that I climbed out of bed. Life is

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