Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artesian hot tub at Peron Homestead

Earlier in the blog I said that the Francois Peron National Park was other
originally a sheep station. There is a homestead and other various farm
buildings open for viewing. We had met a couple the day previous who were
the Department of Environment and Conservation volunteer caretakers at the
homestead and they had told us about the Artesian hot tub.

This hot tub was used during the years that the station was operating and
was a natural source of hot water. The tub is still operational and is open
for the public to visit and enjoy relaxing in. We stopped off at the
homestead as we left the national park track with the plan to get in the
tub. That definitely did not happen. After washing off the dust from our
day in the shower supplied we wandered over to the hot tub. I got one foot
in the water - it was so hot there was no way I could get in and Peter
didn't even try (he didn't like the colour of the water anyway). So I
gingerly put one foot in after the other and then decided that was enough.
I had experienced the hot tub. I was told it was about 40 deg C but can't
confirm. How people actually climb in and enjoy I am not too sure.

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