Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lighthouse on Quobba Coast

One of the highlights of the Carnarvon area is the blowholes at Quobba which
is about one hour's drive north and is coastal. The seventy kilometre drive
is on bitumen highway and the turn off the main highway is about twenty
kilometres north of Carnarvon.

As we were approaching the coast we saw the lighthouse and it looked quite
impressive high on the hill overlooking the bay. The lighthouse is still

There is a long strip of cheap camping at Quobba overseen by a caretaker.
We did not intend to stay overnight as we have the caravan in Carnarvon but
it was interesting to look. There were many campers, encouraged by the
price of $5.50 per camp site, and the excellent fishing. There are no
facilities and all water must be taken in. This didn't seem to deter all
the camping groups.

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