Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hospital in Carnarvon

On the day that we visited Francois Peron National Park I had taken a fall
on one of the boardwalks. I had put out my hands to break to fall and since
then my left wrist had been quite sore and was very bruised.

As we arrived in Carnarvon we saw this sign at the regional hospital so
after a couple of days I decided perhaps an x-ray might be necessary. After
the normal couple of hours (we did arrive at lunch time and most of the
hospital departments closed for an hour) with x-ray completed and advice
from the doctor that the bones was intact and it was only badly bruised, and
to use Nurofen Gel and physiotherapy exercises, I was given a clearance. We
were so pleased I didn't end up with an arm in plaster.

I came all the way to a small hospital in Western Australia to be assisted
by a radiologist from Palmerston North in New Zealand - NZ certainly does
well at exporting and sharing their educated young people.

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