Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free camping at Gold Wire Stop on Great Northern Highway

After our time at Eighty Mile Beach we again hit the Great Northern
Highway heading towards Broome. There are no towns between Port Hedland and
Broome but three roadhouses for the purpose of fuel and limited food
supplies. There are a number of accommodation options for travellers from
basic camping areas at the roadhouses, some stations offer camping, a couple
of formal caravan parks (like Eighty Mile Beach) and two free camping areas.
We stopped at the second free camping area at Gold Wire. Both of the free
camping areas have recently been remodelled and they are well set up with
bitumen roads into the areas, with tables, fire places, toilets and tracks
off in all directions for camping spots.

We stayed overnight and we met up with some fellow travellers that we had
met some weeks ago at Denham/Shark Bay. It was good to catch up. We were
surprised at how many stopped overnight - around thirty groups and maybe
even more. We went for a walk just as it was starting to get dark (around 6
pm) and a number of people were sitting out around camp fires and groups
socialising. It was just lovely and no flies!

We are always amazed at how early people head off in the morning. Normally
I am still sitting up in bed and others are heading off - obviously they
have places to go in a hurry but not us. After a leisurely breakfast we
said good bye to our friends and hit the highway again - next stop Broome.

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