Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Long boring roads North Coast Highway, WA

A further thirty kilometres on World Heritage Drive and we reached the
intersection with North Coast Highway. The Overland Roadhouse is at the
corner and like most roadhouses offers a small caravan park. We stopped off
here for an hour or so to have lunch and surprised to find that we had some
internet coverage. We decided to Skype our little grand-daughter and chat
to her as she will have her fifth birthday within a couple of days. We can
never be too sure when we will have internet coverage again.

The North Coast Highway is a long boring road - there are no towns from
Northampton in the south to Carnarvon in the north a distance of over 400
kilometres. The roads are long and straight and have desert like scrub. It
is so like travelling the Nullabor Plains but far less well known.

Along the way there are the occasional roadhouse (I think there were four
from memory from Northampton to Carnarvon) with rest areas also set up for
twenty four hour free camping. About one hundred kilometres south of
Carnarvon we pulled over and stayed overnight in one of the purpose built
rest areas. Unfortunately this area has been abused by campers who have
failed to pick up their rubbish and respect the provision of the area. It
is so annoying!


  1. poor old Malcolm doesn't seemed to have moved for 5 days. You used to take him on walks and outings - has he misbehaved? eaten too many of peters lollies?

    1. Well between him eating them and Gill rationing them I have forgotten almost what they look like - well that is appart from the ones that I have hidden!!!