Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Info on Hamlin Pool

The road from the Overland Roadhouse on the North Coast Highway to Monkey
Mia is called World Heritage Drive. As we neared the roadhouse on our
return trip we decided to take a side trip to Hamlin Pool. This is the site
of a historic telegraph station which is now open to the public.

Also at Hamlin Pool are stromatolites - we had never heard of them before so
of course we had to check them out. Fortunately detail was provided on the
sign posts for us before we actually ventured out on the boardwalk.

There is a small caravan park at Hamlin Pool - we had thought of staying
either there or at Hamlin Station and driving out to Steep Point which is
the most westerly point in Australia. This majority of the road is 4wd only
and we could not take the caravan. The length of this peninsula is
something like 170 kilometres and was very similar in terrain to Cape Peron
National Park with rocky cliffs just before the Point. We were conscious of
the amount of fuel we had in the tank and as we would need to take the tent
and all our camping gear as it required an overnight stay, we made the joint
decision to give it a miss.

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