Saturday, May 5, 2012

Banana plantations in Carnarvon

I was so looking forward to buying heaps of bananas but I was out of luck.
The bunches are still green as on the trees. We stopped at one house that
had a sign out and they had a few bananas, certainly not top quality but I
bought them anyway. I paid $3 for about six small bananas but it was nice
to buy them from the grower. Other than that they are $3.98 a kilo in
Woolworths here in Carnarvon.

Apparently the smaller sweet banana grown especially for school lunch boxes
was the initiative of someone from here in Carnarvon and there is a "large"
banana advising this. This is nothing like the "Big Banana" seen on the
east coast.

Mangos are also grown in this area, but again we are out of season.

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