Monday, May 21, 2012

Munjina Gorge, WA

After three nights in Karijini National Park we continued our journey north
heading towards Port Hedland. The road from the National Park connects to
the Great Northern Highway (the inland road from Perth north) and this is
the route we took. Fifty kilometres from the National Park we came to the
Auski Roadhouse which is the only fuel stop between Tom Price (150 klms
behind us) to Port Hedland (300 kms ahead of us). As you can guess this is a very popular stop for travellers on this road. There were road trains creating heaps of red dust and lots of caravans and campers. Sorry I forgot to take a photo.

We had worked out how many kilometres we could travel with the fuel we had, so only bought about twenty litres as the cost of diesel in these outback parts is really expensive.

We continued our journey north and stopped off at a very large rest area that overlooked the Munjina Gorge. The area was built to commemorate the tarsealing of the Great Northern Highway and something like 124 bridges and cuts that had to be built in the process. It must have been a great achievement when this was completed.

There was a good view of the road with the gorge behind and we were heading that way.

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