Sunday, May 20, 2012

Circular Pool, Karijini NP

This is proof that I was really there!

We had read that there was evidence of blue asbestos in the gorge and the
warnings were given because of the risk of cancer. We saw quite a few
"blue" rocks and layers of the blue amongst the rocks so can only assume
that this is what they were referring too. We weren't going to start
scratching at it to see if it broke away in a fine dust or anything.

Of course once you have seen the pool, swum in it if you wanted too, rested
etc the next thing was to start the trek out. This walk is a class 4
"distinct tracks in relatively undisturbed natural environments. Trails are
often rough with very little, if any modifications. A moderate to high
level of fitness is required. Users need to be self-reliant. There may be
few encounters with others. Weather can affect safety". We met some of the
requirements - we had each other, we had the EPIRB, we had food and water,
and a first aid kit. One thing we didn't have was "moderate to high level
of fitness". Shows what you can do if you are determined!

The last photo in this group shows the rock access away from the pool area
we had to follow to get back to the cross roads to climb up the gorge to the

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