Sunday, May 20, 2012

Handrail Pool, Hancock Gorge, Karijini NP

Next stop was at Hancock Gorge. This was about fifteen kilometres further
into the National Park from Knox and on the way passed the Eco Retreat which
is apparently a luxury accommodation facility with permanent tents,
restaurant bar, and also limited caravan and tent camping area. We stopped
off on our way past to have a look and decided that the camping area was
really no better than what we had in the National Park yet was three times
the cost. We were happy that we had avoided taking the caravan on 25 kms of
red iron dust dirt road to stay at the Eco Retreat as we had bitumen all the
way to our camp.

After a lunch stop in the day area we walked to see Handrail Pool - we only
went part way down the track as it was pretty steep and the knees weren't
taking the steep steps too well. This walk has two grades - class 3 and
class 5 which is "mostly indistinct trails through undisturbed natural
environments, terrain is rough and a high level of fitness is required". I
certainly didn't meet that today.

The gorges are all quite similar but just beautiful and this one was no
exception. People were swimming in the pool but the signage said the water
was extremely cold.

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