Monday, May 28, 2012

Golf course on dry salt lake at Cape Keraudren

On the drive into the reserve the track passes through a dry salt lake. We
had noticed that a golf course, of sorts, had been built on the lake with
the red flags where each hole was flying high. We have been told that each
year a group of campers arrange a golf day - most campers join in regardless
of their golfing ability. Every car crossing the golf course is charged
$10. Players are also charged $10 and are limited to the use of one golf
club (nothing fancy and no ability required) and drinks and nibbles etc are
charged at a slight premium. Last year $5,000 was raised for the Flying
Doctors Service - what a great effort and just shows how well respected the
Flying Doctors are in this part of the world.

It is a real shame that we will be miles from here this year on golf day as
it is not for another couple of months. It would have great to have been

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