Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our camp site at Dales, Karijini NP

After a couple of days at Tom Price, with the washing and the blog basically
up to date, we continued our journey to Karijini National Park. There are
two camping areas within the park - one is the Eco Retreat which is 100%
owned and operated by the local traditional owners and then there is Dales
Camp ground which is run by the rangers. This area has 130 camp sites plus
an overflow area and as we are a little ahead of the main tourist numbers as
we are early in the season we were able to get a booking with no problem.
We chose Dales over Eco Retreat as it has a bitumen road other than the 30
plus kilometres of red dust road to Eco which is at the other end of the

The camp sites are very basic with the only facility being environmental
toilets. It was very peaceful in the park even though there were many
campers - the camp is divided up into about 10-12 loops with fenced camping
areas. As is usual for these camps, where there is no power, come darkness
nearly everyone goes to bed. We certainly were in luxury in our area as we
were one of the few that had a caravan. Our neighbours were very envious of
us being able to have a hot shower every morning. Thank goodness we
included those three water tanks when we had the van built. The stars at
night were amazing with no competition from town lights etc.

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