Sunday, May 13, 2012

Still filling in our days

As many of you know by now, swimming has never been a popular pastime for
me. However, our week at Ningaloo Reef was mainly spent swimming. I don't
like having to get in cold water and unless the water is tepid I would
rather not even put my feet into waves. I have already said that the water
in this part of the world is between 21 degrees and 27 degrees year round.
I didn't find it difficult at all to get in the water and it was really

Turquoise Bay is considered to be one of the best snorkel sites in the area.
This is partially because there is easy each access and you can swim
straight out and snorkel over the coral. I am not a confident swimmer
(possibly because I don't like getting in the water!), so I was very happy
to stay close to shore and always within my depth. I didn't see any coral
but certainly saw plenty of fish. It was time to buy a snorkel!

There are close to twenty different bays within Cape Range National Park and
we called into most during our week. Swimming and snorkelling is enjoyed at
all the bays and quite a few have camping areas. There is also a large
visitors centre within the park which was well worth a visit. From early
morning until dark there was a stream of visitors at the various bays within
the park.

The range runs through the middle and length of the peninsula and because of
this visitors need to travel the length of the peninsula and circle the top
of it before coming south again into the park. If only there was a good
access road further down the peninsula. We did see a track leading up the
range and took a narrow track to see how far it went - although Peter was
keen to continue on I wasn't so keen so we didn't proceed. Perhaps a trip
for another time.

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