Sunday, May 13, 2012

Site at Osprey Bay

Osprey Bay was a great place to stay. Our second night we had a site
looking out towards the bay. Soon after we set up a pod of dolphins were
swimming out in the bay. They weren't too bothered about the swimmers. We
heard stories about campers being able to see the whales as they migrate
south past this coastline but we were too early in the year to see the

In all we had seven nights at Osprey Bay and we could have easily stayed for
another seven days. It was just so beautiful and peaceful. During our time
we went swimming each day, either in Osprey Bay or one of the other inlets.
There was no internet or telephone coverage so we weren't able to update the
blog or keep in touch easily. However we were surprised to find that
Peter's i-phone connected at odd times and partially downloaded emails.

Both Peter and I read a lot during this week and Peter surprised himself by
finishing three of John Grisham's books. He is now on to his fourth so I
have to race to keep ahead of him. We both enjoy reading e-books now using
our i-pads. Fortunately we have a solar panel on the roof of the caravan
and with no trees in the camping area we were able to keep the caravan
battery charged and had lights and charging for the i-phone and i-pads. Our
fridge runs on gas, electricity or battery so no problems there either.
There was no television reception, but we could have watched DVD's if we had
wanted as the television runs off twelve vault, but we didn't bother.

The weather was just beautiful - the day time temperature was around 33
degrees every day and the low at night of between 16-18 degrees. We had
clear blue skies every day but we did have a bit of wind for a couple of
days - life is tough!

There were twenty camping sites at Osprey Bay and they were full each night.
With lots of fresh air and exercise, and for many people limited power for lights, bedtime comes early and 8.30 or 9 pm there is hardly a light to be seen and everyone is in bed.  However, early in the morning the campsite is alive.  Because we choose to keep to our normal daily routine and go to bed around 10.30 pm we were normally the last caravan with any lights on and I was, by far, likely to be the last person up in the morning.

Because the water tanks on our caravan holds 240 litres we were able to enjoy a shower every day, albeit a short one.  We sat outside one afternoon to see the young Swiss couple camped opposite us "showering".  The girl was standing on the bumper of their van holding a solar bag of water on the top of her head and her boyfriend was "enjoying" a shower (still dressed in his bathers) as she held a shower hose above him.  Half a bag of water later, it was time to swap places and she had her shower.  I have to say we like a bit more luxury than that for our shower and enjoy the shower in the van.

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