Monday, May 28, 2012

Filling our days in at Cape Keraudren

We have now been staying at Cape Keraudren for a week - longer than we
initially planned but it is so lovely we have just kept staying on. We had
a few days of wind around thirty knots and as we didn't have to be anywhere
urgently we decided we were better to stay put. Towing in strong head winds
is a recipe for excessive fuel usage and we use enough without adding to it.

We have enjoyed some great walks along the beach, around the headlands and
then back to our campsite up the tracks. The beach is quite rocky and it is
not particularly easy to walk along avoiding the sharp rocks and the tilt
down the beach. There are lots of shells of various sizes so these are
always interesting to look out for.

We have both been reading a lot - Peter is not normally as keen as me but he
has surprised us both by really enjoying reading on line. Over the last few
weeks he has finished nine books and it is not unusual for him to be sitting
up in bed at 11 pm reading away as his book is at an interesting stage. It
is a bit of competition between us to see who can finish first and with
I-cloud between our two I-pads we have the same books on line and can read
the same ones.

I have spent hours typing into the computer. Sandra introduced me to an
on-line recipe storage system (Paprika) when we were in Melbourne last
November. Since then I have had periods of typing my recipes into the
system and getting rid of all those loose pages that have been hanging
around for years. I always include where I got a recipe and it has been a
trip down memory lane as I have typed up recipes from friends and
acquaintances from years gone by. I have decided that I need to make some
of these recipes again when we return home later in the year. Hopefully
with my new tidy system they will be easy to find! I still have finished
but the pile of loose pages is much smaller.

Since we arrived at Cape Keraudren last week the internet and telephone
service has been turned on in the area. This has been perfect as it has
allowed us hours of talking on Skype and the mobile phone, and I have been
able to update the blog and not get too far behind. Peter has also been
able to spend quite a bit of time on our small business venture which hasn't
interrupted us too much from holidaying!

We have met some really interesting people since we have been travelling and
have noticed that in general people want to be really friendly. It is not
unusual for a new caravan to pull up and within minutes of them setting up
camp they come along to introduce themselves and pass the time of day. Some
of the sights on the beach are also entertaining - as I type this I can see
a guy with a long grey pony tail heading off in his speedos down the beach.
He looks way too old to be wearing next to thing. I am really pleased that
Peter doesn't think he would look like a model in speedos too.

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