Sunday, May 13, 2012

How did we fill our week in?

On our first day the week ahead seemed forever and it is easy to wonder how
to fill in the time. Before we knew it our week was over and we were
thinking that we wished we had booked two weeks.

The last camping area in the national park is at Yardie Creek and here the
bitumen road finishes. From here it is possible to cross the creek and
continue along a 4wd track towards Coral Bay through Ningaloo Station and
other private land. We had heard all sorts of stories about cars getting
stuck driving this track and our car is too important to us at present, so
we decided to give that little trip a miss this time.

Instead we took the short walk up Yardie Creek - this is the only
permanently flowing water in the national park being naturally fed from the
ocean. The signs tell of a colony of black footed rock wallabies living on
the sheer gorge walls but either they were hiding or hidden within the multi
coloured sheer walls of the gorge because we certainly didn't see them.
There is a small boat that cruises up the gorge but that only leaves at 11
am daily and we were a little after that when we arrived so missed that

Although the walk is not very long it was extremely hot so we didn't linger
for too long.

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