Monday, May 28, 2012

Sandy Bay at Cape Keraudren, WA

During one of our walks this week we made our way towards Eighty Mile Beach,
passed a few lonely fishermen, and then followed the creek up towards the
mangroves and followed one of the tracks back to the caravan. Walking on
the beach is quite difficult as there are either rocks and large shells or
really soft sand that you sink down into. None of these are great for my
knees. However once away from the water and following the tracks we were
bothered a bit by the flies and I was certainly pleased to get back to the
safety of the caravan.

The flies haven't been too bad here - just some days worse than others. We
have also had mosquitoes around 5 pm for an hour or so and today I am
covered in welts from them. So annoying! No happy hour for me tonight, not
risking another dose of bites.

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