Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clean up time Great Northern Highway

When we arrived at Eighty Mile Beach the caravan was really filthy. This
wasn't just due to the road into the park but by the various dirt roads we
have taken into Cape Keraudren, we had camped down by Des Grey's River,
Karijini National Park and others. The caravan was looking far from new,
and was really dirty and as the caravan park advertised that they had plenty
of water, all suitable for drinking, and the cleaning of vehicles was not
discouraged it was time to do something about it.

We had spent the previous eight days with no power and limited water. My
task was to get the washing up to date including changing the sheets on our
bed (it is always surprising to see how dirty the bottom sheet gets from our
feet, even though we ensure we wash our feet but the dirt gets ingrained!),
towels etc. As soon as the water and power is connected the washing machine
is turned on.

Next task for me was to wash the floor. Thank goodness we chose not to have
any carpet as it would be filthy. Getting and keeping the floor clean is
always a challenge with the red dust constantly being brought inside. The
dust doesn't just stick to the floor, but the venetians take a hammering
too. Within a couple of hours everything was much improved.

Peter took to the outside of the caravan and boy did it take some cleaning.
He wasn't able to do the back of the van as there were other caravans close
to us. The next day as we were leaving Eighty Mile Beach we pulled up into
one of the road train parking laybys on the Great Northern Highway and out
came the bucket and the car wash and the back of the van was cleaned, with
buckets of water from our tank thrown at it to finish the job. The caravan
certainly looks much better now.

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