Thursday, May 31, 2012

The road in and out of Eighty Mile Beach

After leaving Cape Keraudren we continued our way towards Broome on the
Great Northern Highway. We had decided to head again to the coast and stay
overnight at Eighty Mile Beach. There is a caravan park that is very
popular even though the road in is not the best. It is about eighteen
kilometres from the highway and is red bull dust and corrugations all the
way - we don't normally like taking the caravan down this sort of road but
decided to take it slowly so that we could see the beach. There was nowhere
to leave the caravan so if we wanted to go to Eighty Mile Beach it was
continue down the dust road.

The amount of dust flying up behind us was incredible and it was difficult
to photograph this to give a good indication. The slower we went the worse
the corrugations were, so we travelled between 30 and 40 kmph and the
corrugations were better but still dusty.

We arrived at the caravan park around 9.45 am and believe it or not we had
to queue behind four other caravans to register at reception. Obviously a
popular place.

Eighty Mile Beach Tracks - Not Ours!

Of course if you are allowed to drive along the beach Peter has to give it a go.  We took the car about 5-10 kms each direction from the beach access.  We stayed up near the dunes where the sand was a bit harder but it was surprising to see some of the tracks left by other vehicles.

We couldn't decide if there were a lot of older farmers who had brought their four wheeler bikes on holiday with them, or guys with plenty of cash and could buy a quad bike for their sport.  It was really interesting to see couples speeding along the beach with rods sticking out the front of the bikes.  Unfortunately my photography of one of the bikes was really poor so no photo to share - sorry.

There were certainly a good number of decent 4wd vehicles parked up along the beach with people fishing along the shoreline - deck chairs set up to help with the comfort for the hours spent in hope of getting the best fish.  We didn't see anyone pull up a fish but the story was that with the wind we had been experiencing the water was cooler and therefore no fish - nothing like it had been last week!

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