Monday, May 28, 2012

North end of Dog Fence, Cape Keraudren, WA

During our travels we have seen the historic dog fence in various parts of
Australia. We were really surprised to see a notice that the northern part
of the fence is off shore here at Cape Keraudren.

There are lots of tracks throughout the reserve here and we have taken the
opportunity to explore some of them that are further away from our campsite
by car. The ability to follow the 4wd tracks has been necessary in some of
these areas. The tracks vary from sand to rock. We have been surprised at
where some folk are prepared to pull their caravan - up narrow steep tracks
to get away from everyone on to a point or similar. They must have been
knocked around with the wind for a few days but their views are beautiful.
Many campers come for three months or more and are well set up. We even saw
one guy who had his weed-eater along with him and was busy tidying up the
long grass around his campsite.

There are large areas of mangroves growing in the reserve and the crocodiles
are known to follow the sea water creeks up into the mangrove reserves. We
have kept well clear of this area. Some people go catching mud crabs in
these creeks but not us - can't imagine eating the mud crabs anyway.

Fishing is of course the most popular pastime, either directly from the
rocks or the beach, or from small tinnies. It must take some patience to be
out there day after day standing on the beach with rod in hand - not for me.
I much prefer the fish to come delivered on a plate, already filleted just
ready for me to cook and we have been lucky enough to get that.

We have a couple of long terms staying in our camp site - one couple arrived
in March and will stay until November and have come every year for the last
fifteen years plus. Another couple arrived about the same time and will
stay for a few months yet and they have also been coming for a few years.
Fishing keeps them entertained every day and they head out with the tinnie
on the old 4wd and come back hours later with the days catch. They have
both told us different stories, but changes for the reserve are obviously
about to happen. One guy said that the area is to be made into an Eco
Retreat and a large grant has been received from the government for this -
visitors centre and formal camping areas. The other guy said that a mine
has bought the reserve and a mining camp will be built in one area and then
a smaller section fenced off for a formal caravan park. Both of them are
disgusted with the plans. It will be a real shame whatever happens to lose
the beauty and freedom this area.

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