Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spangled Emporer caught at Pilgramunna, Cape Range NP

Neither Peter or I go fishing - it is something that has never really
interested either of us. However, I have already said that many people come
to the Ningaloo Coast because of the fishing. We met quite a few other
people who were camping with us at Osprey Bay and they were keen fishermen.
One couple had a reasonably large motor home and they had towed their Rav 4
behind the motor home and also had a small boat. They have spent about a
month every year for the last fifteen years camping in Cape Range National
Park and knew every fishing secret.

Last night Roger came down to show us his wife's catch of the day - a 65
centimetre spangled emperor. Apparently this is beautiful fish to eat and
they were keen to show off their catch.

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