Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting a drink from our hose to the caravan

After spending a week at Cape Range National Park, near Exmouth we
reluctantly left and made our way into Exmouth overnight before continuing
our journey north. It is necessary to book camp sites within the national
park on line and in advance, and we had booked a week thinking that would
have been long enough. We would have loved longer but with no advance
booking we moved on.

We stayed overnight in Exmouth at the Big 4 caravan park which is nicely set
out and was really busy. We spent most of our time either on the computer
or sorting out the washing after a week with no power. As soon as the power
and water was connected to the caravan the washing machine was started. The
machine is only small, takes about 2.5 kilos of dry clothes but saves heaps
of time and money using park laundry facilities.

After a week with very limited internet connection my task, in addition to
the washing, was to catch up with the blog and this took all evening. The
weather continued to be very pleasant - we have not had a day with
temperatures under 30 degrees C for about six weeks and we can't think of
when it last rained. We spent the evening sitting outside under the awning
with the computer tapping away.

We were entertained by these birds which were making the most of the
dripping tap where our hose was connected. There were literally heaps of
these birds sitting in the trees.

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