Monday, May 28, 2012

Cape Keraudren Reserve

Yesterday we took a drive to the out of the way corners of the reserve.
Some of the tracks left a bit to be desired but we came to no harm and it
was clear that we weren't the first to follow them and certainly weren't
going to be the last.

There is a popular camping spot down by the boat ramp and here there would
be about fifty caravans and campers set up. Some of the campers are
obviously planning to stay for a long time. We took a track out to the
actual point, bumping our way up the rock track and from there we could see
the rocks out from the point. There were a few people fishing.
Surprisingly there were quite a few wildflowers growing amongst the rocks.
How they could grow surprised me.

We have really enjoyed our stay here. Tomorrow we continue heading on
towards Broome. Next stop Eighty Mile Beach.

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  1. You will go past us then tomorrow , we are about 100 kms n/e of you