Sunday, May 20, 2012

Karijini NP Visitors Centre

After our gruelling day of walking we decided that a quieter day was
required - I didn't think my knees would put up with another day of
clambering up and down too many rocks for hours on end.

Instead we paid a visit to the visitors centre within the National Park.
This is run by the traditional owners and it was nice to have the
opportunity to talk to one of the ladies. There were displays of the
various wildflowers growing within the park and the various wild animals.
We had seen plenty of goannas but fortunately no snakes. We also commented
to the lady about the lack of flies, which was great from our point of view. She said that we were lucky that we hadn't visited at Easter time as they flies were really bad and no amount of spray, nets etc made it pleasant. We were certainly pleased that we hadn't visited then.

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