Saturday, May 5, 2012

Main street of Carnarvon

At this stage the main street of Carnarvon is undergoing major road works
and the complete road is closed off to all traffic. The few shops that
there are have fencing along the pavement so that pedestrians can walk

We cannot imagine how this must be affecting the turnover at the shops as
very few people were about in the shops when we were in Carnarvon. As the
lady from the Information Centre said, it will be great when it is finished
and they had to do it sometime.

Carnarvon is a small handful of shops which are quite spread out and there
is a Woolworths in the main shops and an IGA supermarket further along the
main road.

We certainly didn't see the main shopping area at its best but if we were to
visit again next year I am sure it would be very different.

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