Sunday, May 20, 2012

Starting the climb up to the top of the gorge, Dales

It was time to climb to the rim - this photo unfortunately does not give a
good impression of how steep the steps were up to the top. There were no
hand rails and just a series of steps cut into the rock, and then a ladder
up the rock face, and then further steps. I was really pleased we were
going up and not down as I would never have made it. My knees were getting
pretty sore as it was.

It was great to eventually get to the top and then take a rim walk of about
half a kilometre on flat ground back to our camping site. We had done it -
I was exhausted but what else could I expect after nearly five hours.

Not sure I will ever walk again!!!

From the top there was a wonderful view of Circular Pool far in below.

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