Sunday, May 20, 2012

Refuelling Nanutarra Roadhouse on Great Northern Highway

Just before we left the Great Northern Highway we stopped at Nanutarra
Roadhouse for diesel - $1.999 litre which was the most expensive we have
paid for some time. While Peter was pumping the diesel a young backpacker
came and asked us for a ride to Darwin - he had been working in one of the
mines and was sick of the red dust and wanted out. It is over 2500
kilometres to Darwin from that roadhouse and we weren't able to help him as
we were diverting off the main road. Hopefully he didn't have to wait too
long for a ride as he certainly has a long way to go. He is one of the
first hitch hikers we have seen.

A lot of people travel with a dog and we have been surprised at the number
of people travelling the Australian loop who have their furry friend with
them. The roadhouse catered for the dogs' needs - just loved the dog's
dunny sign. Forget the dog - the roadhouses also have flushing toilets for
humans and after some of the environmental toilets along the way are a good

From this roadhouse we turned off the Great Northern Highway on to Warlu Way
which will take us through Paraburdoo, Tom Price and into Karijini National
Park. We are now surrounded by mines and most of the vehicles on the roads
are white with high viz signage and a sand flag.

We stopped overnight at a rest area along with a number of other campers.
As soon as we pulled up we were invited to happy hour - boy were the flies
bad. After a few minutes of sitting outside I was back at the caravan
collecting our fly nets and Peter is quite an expert now at drinking a bed
through his fly net so that he doesn't take the risk of a fly getting under
the net when he takes a sip from the can!

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