Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heading down rocks at Fortescue Falls

From Fern Pool we had to make our way back to Fortescue Falls and then
scramble around the rock edge of the pool to continue the walk down the
gorge. I am never too nimble on my feet so Peter went first to make sure
that the ledge was wide enough for me to walk along as I didn't want to
start the next stage of the walk with wet shoes. All was good so with a
little hesitation I walked the ledge and then across the base of the pool
and we started the walk down the length of the gorge. We had no real idea
how long this would take but at least 2-3 hours we had been told.

From these photos you can tell that Peter was in charge of the camera - he
always thinks it better if he carries it rather than me land on my bum and
risk damaging the camera!

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