Sunday, May 27, 2012

Caravan set up at Cape Keraudren

We have chosen a campsite on a rocky foreshore overlooking the southern tip
of Eighty Mile Beach. There were about eight caravans already set up when
we arrived. The facilities are limited - just one building of three new
environmental toilets. This building had no roof on it which we found
interesting, but we were soon told that this was the result of the March
cyclone when the building was rolled some distance in the wind.

During the time we have been staying here the roof has been replaced. It
was quite windy the day they completed that work and we were a bit concerned
from a health and safety perspective whether the council guys should have
been on the end of a ladder at the roof height. Hopefully there will be no
more cyclones this coming year.

We hadn't been set up for long when one of the neighbours came along to
introduce himself carrying a large dinner plate piled with fillets of fish.
He had been fishing and as he now had six freezer boxes full of fish he
shares his catch. We had beautiful sea salmon for dinner that night!

The view from our caravan is rather lovely - the tide was in when we arrived
but we have been amazed at how far out the tide goes and as the shoreline is
rocky these can be seen far into the distance and makes for interesting

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