Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camping at Eighty Mile Beach

The caravan park advertise that they do not take bookings for the power and
non-power sites so we were really pleased when we were given a site. As we
were only staying one night we didn't bother setting up completely. It was
great to see some grass! The caravan park is well set out and has over 200
sites plus cabins etc. There weren't too many vacancies the night we stayed
and it wasn't surprising that the park was being extended.

Many people come to Eighty Mile Beach and stay for months on end. We spoke
to a few people who said that they had travelled up the coast for the winter
and would be staying 4-5 months. There are no shops for at least 200 kms to
Port Hedland (other than a couple of roadhouses with limited supplies) so it
was just as well the camp store stocked a few fresh fruit and vegetables and
bread in the freezer. They did make some specialty breads and it was nice
to get some fresh bread even if it was a little expensive.

Fishing is the popular pastime at Eighty Mile Beach (as swimming is not
recommended because of the possibility of salties). All along the beach
were groups of people fishing with huge rods. There wasn't a boat ramp so
we can only assume it was all fishing direct from the shore.

Driving 4wd's and four wheeler bikes along the beach was allowed -
interesting to see the distance some of the fishermen go to their favourite

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