Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wyndham harbour

Every ten minutes or so a road train enters the main street of Wyndham
making it's way to the port area to off load. We now know that they are
carrying iron ore from a mine down near Doon Doon Roadhouse close to the
Argyle Diamond Mine. The load is carried by a road train with four trailers
and is then loaded by a conveyor belt on to a barge which takes the load out
to a ship waiting in the harbour. There was a ship being loaded today and
this will leave on Saturday for China. The trip to China takes about nine

We had walked out on the new jetty and met up with three senior members of
staff from the mining company who were keen to tell us about their company.
We were surprised to learn that they have employed over fifty local
Aboriginals and have trained them to operate the loading machinery etc.
These guys earn over $90,000 working a 22 week year - two weeks on, two
weeks off, four weeks annual leave and two weeks average of sick leave.
Seemed excellent money for working less than half the year and great for the
community. Mind you, it must be annoying having the road trains rumbling
past the houses on the main road 24/7.

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