Friday, July 13, 2012

Kununurra Gorge

In the part of the world we never travel too far before there is another
gorge to walk. We had been told that the small gorge adjacent to Kununurrwakes like a little bungle bungles. There were two walks, both reasonably short, but the shortest one was closed as they are rebuilding the tracks.

So we took the longer walk although much to Peter's annoyance we didn't have walking shoes on! (Peter here, (PH) didn't have walking shoes on what an understatement - jandals - thongs - flip flops call em what you like not only did they not even resemble walking shoes they were a million miles away from them. But as you can probably imagine Miss Muppet had decided that we
were going to walk so far be it from me to challenge the master :-) )

It wasn't a long walk but it was quite steep ((PH)quite steep really we
needed nearly to call Mark to bring up the ropes and crampons!) towards the
end with a series of steps. ((PH)Of course this was after we had boldly
trodden where no other man would have dared to)

I am now back to continue with this update and relieve Peter from adding to
my typing!

Once we reached the top of the gorge walk there was a lovely view of
Kununurra in the distance. As you can guess by the comments above, Peter
was over walking in the gorge, especially at 33 degrees.

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