Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Douglas Hot Springs sign, NT

From Edith Falls we continued north and then took another side trip to
Douglas Hot Springs. Fortunately the majority of the side road is now
bitumen so we were happy to take the caravan - the last seven kilometres
were dusty gravel and then we were surprised with a water crossing. This is
something we prefer not to do with the caravan however we were committed so
through we went. Just as well it wasn't too deep but because of the length
of the caravan it did catch a bit as we pulled out.

The hot springs are part of a national park and we stayed in the camping
ground. It wasn't quite as good as Edith Falls but had flushing toilets and
warm showers so what else can you ask for especially at $13.30 per couple
per night. The camp was reasonably full with quite a few families camping
as it is school holidays. There was a really lovely atmosphere and it
reminded us of camping in Greytown in New Zealand back in the late 1980's
early 1990's.

The hot springs were accessed by a staircase from the camp ground and there
were a couple of streams meandering along. They had a gravel base and were
only about knee deep and a little deeper. Parts of the stream was so hot
that you had to be really careful putting your foot in but in other parts it
was okay to sit in the warm water. Peter wondered why we were going into
warm water when it was so warm already.

Pete got as far as his ankles wet - again he had far too many thoughts about
what could be in the water. He wasn't hanging around and soon took to the
banks. There were lots of people in the water, just lounging around
chatting etc.

There was signage asking people not to take soap or shampoo into the water
due to the pollution of the waterways. We didn't see anyone with any but it
was interesting to watch groups heading down to the stream early this
morning keen to relax in the warm water.

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