Saturday, July 28, 2012

Twin Falls, Kakadu National Park

To reach Twin Falls there is a boat shuttle taking visitors part way up the
gorge, and then there is a bush and boulder walk the balance of the way.
There is a cost of $12.50 per person to go on the boat (this is the only
access to the falls so there is no choice) and the boat ride is quite short
and only takes about 5-7 minutes each way. On the way we passed a small
crocodile (about a metre and a half in length) laying in the sun on the bank
of the river.

The boat ties up at a pontoon and from here there is a walk to the base of
the falls. This took about twenty minutes each way - once the gravel track
ran out it was a matter of following the small arrows and clambering over
the boulders. I have never been very coordinated and worse now so not ideal
for me but we made it. Just before the falls there is an iron bridgeway
across the edge of the water. They obviously expect walkers to be hot as
there is a cold water shower at both ends of the walkway (I meant to take a
photo but I was too busy ensuring that Peter didn't drench me!).

The falls are very high and without turning the camera I couldn't take a
photo showing the full height. Unfortunately there was no swimming in the
pool due to the crocodiles.

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