Friday, July 13, 2012

Sandalwood Gallery, Kununurra

After walking in the heat we headed out of town to visit the Sandalwood
Gallery and also Hoochery Distillery. First stop was the Sandalwood Gallery
where there were many interesting products produced from the locally grown
Indian Sandalwood. We watched a short video on the plantation and learnt
how the sandalwood tree is reliant on a host tree. We had wondered why the
plantations looked a little untidy with different types of trees.

The Ord River irrigation has opened this area up for a variety of
production. The irrigation channels run alongside the road and there were
huge areas planted out. We had visited an orchard a couple of days
previously which grew varieties of lettuce, tomatoes, melons etc. We
weren't sure what these plants were but they certainly looked healthy.

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