Friday, July 13, 2012

Ivanhoe Crossing, Kununurra

Last stop for the day was planned to be at Ivanhoe Crossing. This river
crossing is on the back gravel road (which was the original road) from
Wyndham to Kununurra and passes near Parry's Creek park where we had stayed
earlier. The crossing is now closed to traffic.

The crossing is over the Ord River and is a popular place for fishing for
barramundi and there were a few people fishing off the concrete causeway.
We were surprised to see them standing in the water as there were lots of
signs about the crocodiles which are known to be in the area.

Although it was really warm, and tempting to cool off by standing in the
water like some others, we avoided it. We don't want a crocodile nipping
our toes.

On our way back into Kununurra we passed a number of mango orchards. Mangos
are out of season at the moment but fortunately for us, and many other
tourists, one of the orchards had a café so we stopped off for a mango
smoothie. You don't get them made better than those were - just the best.
No wonder the kilos are piling on. It was the third mango smoothie in as
many days. Have to make the most of them when in mango world.

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