Saturday, July 21, 2012

Darwin Landscape

After our visit to the Defence Museum we meandered our way through East Point Reserve - this is a large park area with a great lake.  We were on the lookout for a picnic table under the trees but as we were after 1 pm and there were plenty of people around we were out of luck.  We continued along the foreshore and soon found a table and we had our picnic.

We had a great view of Darwin in the distance as well - it was pretty good.   However we didn't spend a long time there as we were heading to the Museum and Art Gallery for a full day of culture!  The food was good though.

 Picnic lunch on Darwin foreshore

On the way we saw a sign post to the 1934 Qantas Hangar so Peter wanted to see it.  It was a little disappointing in that there were no planes in it but only one luggage vehicle with Qantas on it.  The rest of the shed was a "man's shed" - it was full of vintage cars in various stages of repair and heaps of motor parts.  Boring, boring, boring for me and I was glad there was a lounge chair with magazines especially put out for the women visitors.  We had a short visit then continued on - it didn't really interest Connor either.
 Peter and Connor in Qantas hangar with vintage cars

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