Sunday, July 8, 2012

El Questro, WA

Once we were going again I was dubious about turning off the Gibb River Road
to head into El Questro Station as originally planned as this was a 35
kilometre diversion. But Peter was sure it would be okay, so we went in.
On the way in we had three or four water crossings including a further
crossing of the Pentecost River. This station, similar to Happy Valley
Station, is well set out for the tourist. We had our picnic lunch (we had
come prepared with food etc as you can never rely on being able to buy
anything, and more often than not can't) in the lovely picnic area and again
had a look around the camping area. We were a little sorry that we had
decided not to take the tent and stay over for a while. Perhaps we will
have to come to this part of Western Australia again.

Crocodiles are in the rivers around El Questro so there is no swimming.
There are a number of gorges to be explored and also Zebedee Hot Springs.
We had planned on visited the hot springs but they are only open from 7 am
to 12 noon (we are not sure why) and as it was mid afternoon we were out of

We started our return trip to Wyndham continuing along the gravel road with
no further problems. It was a great day out, albeit a little expensive as
we have to buy a new tyre. It has whet the appetite for a trip along the
full length of the Gibb River Road one day.

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