Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crossing the Pentecost River, WA

Because we were not travelling the full distance of the Gibb River Road we
had decided that we would go as far as Happy Valley Station and then turn
around and stop off at El Questro Station on our return. This required us
to cross the Pentecost River which is the widest river on the Gibb River
Road trip. The river is tidal so the depth varies and it is not recommended
that you walk the river to check the depths as it has saltwater crocodiles.
The river has a rock base so it is necessary to watch out for sharp and big
rocks as well as the variations in depth. The first trip across the river
we followed an outback caravan. It was disappointing to see this same
caravan just a little while later limping into Happy Valley Station with
what looked like collapsed wheel bearings.

Once across the river there is an excellent view of the Cockburn Range.

We drove on to Happy Valley Station which has lots of facilities for the
tourist including a huge range of accommodation from five star down to
camping, restaurant, shop, art gallery, pool and they have numerous station
tours available.

Peter had to admire the bitzer of a jeep that was parked out the front of
the café. Then first stop was the toilet and although there weren't any
frogs in the toilet I just loved the sign and had to share it. All the
facilities were top class.

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