Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Spending time at Mary Pool

 BBQ prepared by local Aboriginal, Mary Pool, WA

We had arrived at Mary Pool on Friday and just after dark a group of cars arrived in the camping area and set up tables and a BBQ.  They were a group of local Aboriginal boys from the local community and they had some volunteer workers with them.  They came to provide a BBQ dinner for the campers as a fundraiser towards their footy costs.   The boys were exceptionally shy and didn’t speak to any of the campers but the volunteer workers informed the campers and tried to get the boys involved.  They were quick to inform us that the meat was from a local station and certainly not “road kill”.  So we lined up with others and had a night off cooking – bring a plate and for a donation receive a steak and salad.  Pretty good deal we thought and it was great to support them.
Pelican at Mary Pool camp area, WA

We ended up staying three nights at Mary Pool.  From early in the morning campers started packing up and heading out and by mid-morning there were only about twenty campers left.  We saw a great spot overlooking the river and decided we would stay on and moved there.  It was just perfect.  We had a great view of the river from the caravan and as the day time temperature was around 28 degrees each day it was very pleasant.
 Cockatiels at Mary Pool camp ground, WA

There were three pelicans which swam along the river each morning and there were numerous other birds.  The white cockatiels flew over us in large groups and the trees around the river bank were popular sitting spots for them.  The black crows kept up their squawking just to remind us they were there.  They liked to peck at the rubbish bins and made quite a mess getting at the rubbish even though the bins have wire covers on them.
Heaps of cockatiels at Mary Pool, WA

There is always someone to chat to in a free camping area – some stay for weeks and others overnight or a day or so.  Everyone shares where they have been, what to see and where to stay.  It is amazing how cheaply some people travel.  We met one couple who have been on the road eight weeks from Tasmania in a brand new personally owned campervan.  They have only stayed in camping grounds four days since they left home.  Puts us to shame!

We spent a lot of time reading – both Peter and I just love reading e-books using the I-Pad and it is not unusual for Peter to start and finish a John Grisham book in less than forty eight hours.  Great relaxation.  He has about nine hundred books in his e-library now so obviously plans to spend lots of time reading.

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