Monday, July 23, 2012

Kakadu National Park

The commencement of the Kakadu National Park (which is one of the most
well-known national parks in Australia)is about 130 kilometres from Darwin.
The ownership of the park has been returned to the traditional owners and is
managed jointly with the government.

The Northern Territory does not have a visitors fee to visit the various
national parks in the State however the traditional owners have levied a
specific fee for Kakadu National Park. This fee is $25 per person and is
valid for fourteen days. We purchased our passes from Bowali Visitors
Centre which has an excellent interpretative centre. I didn't take any
photos at the visitors centre.

We are camping within the national park at Merle Campground. This is a very
large camping area north of Jabiru adjacent to Ubirr where there is a
significant amount of Aboriginal Art. We were fortunate to be able to
attend a slide presentation by the ranger on the art - the slide show is one
of many presentations put on by the rangers as part of their public
education program. It was held sitting outside under the trees within the
camp ground in the dark at 8 pm and lasted an hour. Fortunately for us the
mosquitos were having a night off.

We have a lovely campsite - plenty of space between campers, fire surrounds,
toilets and hot showers. It is a shame that there is no swimming in the
area though as it is very warm but there are crocodile danger signs at every
water hole.

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