Monday, July 23, 2012

Spectacular jumping crocodiles

After four days in Darwin we reluctantly packed up and moved on - it seems
to be the story of our lives lately. We will return to Darwin again in a
couple of weeks prior to flying to Melbourne for nearly three weeks. We
will then return to Darwin again to pick up the car and caravan and commence
our journey towards the east coast. We have really enjoyed being in Darwin
and may stay for a few days on our return later in August.

Connor is travelling with us until we all fly to Melbourne on the 2nd
August. During this time we plan to visit both Kakadu and Litchfield
National Parks.

We commenced the 220 kilometre trip from Darwin to Jabiru in Kakadu National
Park which is east of Darwin towards Arnhem Land. On our way we stopped at
Window on the Wetlands which is an information centre and then made our way
to the Spectacular Jumping Crocodiles cruise on the Adelaide River. We
joined the 11 am tour which took us up the river looking for crocodiles.
The boat had a cage on either side where a young girl stood with meat tied
to a long rope and dangled it in the water when a crocodile was seen and
this encouraged the crocodile to "jump" for the food. Two or three jumps
and the crocodile was rewarded with the food.

We saw a large number of crocodile swimming along the river which is their
natural habitat. They were not caged in and were free to swim up and down
the river. We had sat on the lower deck of the boat to be nearer the water
and therefore the crocodiles so we had a great view.

When Connor arrived in Darwin on Thursday one of the first things he had
asked was "did we think he would see a crocodile while he was with us". We
assured him he would, and now that has certainly happened. He has brought
one of his mum's cameras with him and he is keen on photography so it has
been getting a good workout.

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