Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh dear, tyre ruined Gibb River Road, WA - Gill said Oh dear I said BUGGA

We continued our journey, bumping our way along the very gravel road, and
pulling over every time we passed another vehicle to allow the dust to
settle so that we could see sufficiently to continue.

Our trip soon came to an abrupt stop when Peter pulled over and asked me to
check the back tyre and sure enough it was flat. It wasn't just flat it had
a huge hole in the side wall. So the task of changing the tyre started, and
remember it was 35 degrees and there was no way we could pull off the road.
Fortunately we had a bamboo type mat in the car (we come prepared for most
eventualities!) so Pete was able to lay down on the gravel on that and jack
up the Patrol, lift the tyre off, remove the tyre from the back of the car
door and get it back on. All sounds easy but the tyre was really heavy.
All good though, and we were soon on our way again hopeful that we wouldn't
have the misfortune of getting another flat.

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  1. We can just imagine Pete having the bamboo Matt ready for an afternoon nap,meh justed used it here for another purpose. Shame about the tyre though