Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Valley Station, WA

We had arrived at Happy Valley Station quite early, and well before lunch
time, so we stopped for coffee in the café/restaurant. A lovely young
Italian guy made us great coffee albeit with the use of the coffee machine.
He was keen to chat and said that he, along with a good number of other
young tourists, was working at the Station for the dry season from April to
October. I couldn't help but wonder what his family would have thought when
he told then where he was staying - talk about isolation as there was no way
he could go back into town for his time off.

We enjoyed looking around the station facilities - the entrance to the shop
had, of course, the famous boab trees. The building was possibly designed
about these trees. We also looked at one of the art workshop areas where
one of the artists had a number of his paintings on display, some finished
and others not.

It was a beautiful day and the temperatures for climbing towards 35 degrees
and it was only 11 a.m. We haven't seen any rain for four months now and
are so used to these beautiful days with clear blue skies. We have noticed
that this section of the Kimberley is warmer as the day time temperatures
have risen about five degrees. It is just great.

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