Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jim Jim Falls, Kakadu National Park

After visiting Twin Falls we drove back across the river and had a lunch stop under the trees at Jim Jim Creek.  From here to continued on taking the road to Jim Jim Falls.  The signage at the beginning of the track said 900 metres and showed a gravel track with some boulders so after our walk to Twin Falls headed off.

The track seemed to go on for ages - and the gravel track was short and from there it was a matter of trying to follow the orange triangle signs and clamber over the boulders.  After over an hour, with a few glimpses of the falls, we reach a point where the falls where to the left and the beach to the right and there was still many boulders to climb.

I had had enough - I hate to say it but I decided that I would stop and if Peter wanted to continue he could but I would head back.  I hate not making our destination but that walk was extremely difficult and it was very hot.  Connor continued on (and our German friends had gone on ahead of us), and Connor was able to have a swim (which is allowed as the crocodiles cages are controlled and effective) before coming back along the track.

 I was really disappointed but there came a time when sense had to prevail and I had to turn back.  Still we saw the falls from a distance and walked up the gorge.  This is the first walk that we have commenced and not finished - very disappointing. 

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