Saturday, July 21, 2012

Night market in Darwin

Darwin operates very much with two seasons - the wet and the dry. It is the
dry season now and the town is full of tourists so there are a number of
activities on.

Each Thursday and Sunday nights from April to October there is a night
market at Mindil Beach. There is a selection of food and arts and craft
stalls (the same you see at many markets around Australia) and free
entertainment. There are a large number of food stalls from various
cultures and a popular activity is to purchase your meal and then sit either
on the grass or down on the beach to watch the sunset over the bay towards

After wandering around the various stalls we bought our dinner and found a
patch of grass and watched the sunset and a guy entertaining. I wasn't too
keen on his swallowing a burning blade but it seemed to entertain a good

The market runs from 5 pm to 10 pm on a Thursday night but by 9 pm we were
on our way back to the caravan. It was a pleasant evening and the
temperature was just lovely - we have never experienced the northern parts
of Australia during the hot wet season, but we certainly like it in the warm
"winter" dry season.

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