Saturday, July 21, 2012

Darwin War Museum

Tank at Darwin War Museum

Darwin was bombed during the second world war and there was a large number of casualties.     Many of the residents had previously been evacuated to other parts of Australia and only those in essential services had remained.  We understand that the bombing took the Australian military by surprise.
Ferret at Darwin War Museum
 Ferret info sign
 There were a large number of Australian military personnel based in Darwin and now the camps and the sites are well marked as many people come to Darwin  wanting to visit these areas. 

We visited the Defence of Darwin Museum and what an interesting place that proved to be.  The exhibition includes the Bombing of Darwin gallery which includes a short film/DVD of the actual day of the first bombing in February 1942 and also many interactive displays and multimedia presentations.  It was really interesting.

Outside there was a large display of military vehicles and artillery pieces - a real boys place to enjoy visiting.  I did recognise the ferret though - there is at least one of those in our friend Malcolm's collection in New Zealand.  Malcolm if you haven't visited this museum it needs to be on your wish list

Anti aircraft gun at Darwin War Museum

Anti Aircraft Gun
You can't go to a war museum without seeing some guns.  There were numerous types of guns on display but these anti aircraft guns were outside on display.  I know nothing about these guns so have included the information  on them in case anyone has particular interest.

Anti aircraft gun info

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