Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Across the wetlands, Kakadu NP

The walk at Ubirr continued up to a lookout which gave a view across the
wetlands. This area is covered with about a metre of water during the wet
season. A large part of Kakadu National Park is not accessible during parts
of the wet season. At the moment the park is very green in parts, and other
parts are burnt. This is because during the dry season the beliefs of the
traditional owners are followed and areas are burnt off. This has happened
for many hundreds of years.

Across the East Alligator River is Arnhem Land - this is a large area of
Aboriginal land which extends north. It is very remote and the majority is
4wd tracks only. A permit must be obtained before travelling and we
understand that for the travelling public there is a time limit imposed for
visits. We do not plan to travel into Arnhem Land.

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