Thursday, July 5, 2012

366 days Bugga Me - Well maybe not

Hard to believe but we have now been on the road for 366 days.  Some interesting facts:

1) fifth wheelers are getting bigger - you soon will be able to just put a bar on your house and tow it around

2) the car had to hitch a ride once when we got a bad fill of diesel but we did have just the best service from AAMI our insurers, RACV and the great people from Port Augusta Nissan

3) we went tenting occassionally and left the caravan behind

4) we have seen some really really strange things happen in the middle of the day in Campers - and BTW it was the Swiss

5) and yep its right some people just don't know how to back or in fact forward either

6) and last but not least I have spent it with one of the bestest people in the world who can cook better than most 5 hat restaurants - mind you she still doesn't appreciate my fantastic singing and rather bad memory

7) and yep the rig is still going

Now for the rest of it.  Two stages to go and still planning the overland trip to London by car next, any takers??

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